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the story of a barn

Hi I am Francesca, your host at the Capanna, I was born in Siena in 1972, I live and work in Siena as architect at my studio; i am the mummy of a splendid princess called Alice and wife of Francesco, my special husband.

The capanna has been our house from 2002 to 2009, date of birth of Alice: in that date we decided to go to live in the city, door to door with my mother, to get help with the baby: Francesco has a restaurant and works since night.

The building belongs to my family since 1970; my father  before me, during the weekend, worked here to produce wine: the most of my childhood memories belong to this place.

He was an engineer and his dream was to restructure the capanna to make there his studio; but he died before he could do it, so i decided to become an architect and to restructure the Capanna for him.

The Capanna since 1999 was like this:

In this house i put here all my soul and my passion, i hope you will feel this power if you will come to the Capanna on holiday.

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